Carlos Manuel Álvarez

Carlos Manuel Álvarez (Cuba 1989) is a journalist and writer. In 2013 he was awarded the Calendario Prize for his collection of short stories La tarde de los sucesos definitivos (2014) and in 2015 he received the Ibero- American Journalism Prize, Nuevas Plumas from the University of Guadalajara . In 2016 he founded the Cuban online magazine El Estornudo, with other colleagues. He regularly contributes to The New York Times, El País, Internazionale, Altaïr, El Malpensante and Gatopardo. In December 2016 he was elected among the best twenty Latin American  writers of the 80s at the Guadalajara Book Fair in Mexico and in May 2017 he was included in the Bogota39 list of the best 39 Latin American writers under 40 organized by the Hay Festival every 10 years, His first collection of journalistic works, La tribu, was published in 2017 and his first novel, Los caídos, in 2018, both by Sexto Piso.

His ability to join his look, the content and the form in just one bundle of the highest quality make him one of the best journalists in the continent.
— Leila Guerriero
Reading La Tribu was, more than anything, before than anything, a great pleasure: the delight of reading a writing. Not just an interesting look, not just a well narrated story; a writing. And also, it is Cuba there.
— Martín Caparros

BY CARLOS MANUEL ÁLVAREZ: Los caídos NOVEL, 2018 La tribu NON-FICTION, 2017 La tarde de los sucesos definitivos SHORT STORIES, 2014