En el cuerpo una voz
Maximiliano Barrientos

NOVEL | 2017 | XXX pages

After the dissolution of Bolivia and the rule of law, brigades massacre each other in order to take control of the Eastern provinces. Two brothers flee from the henchmen of El General, a former military official known for practicing cannibalism.  

Once the years of collapse are over, the Camba Nation is formed and a barren peace is imposed. Two members of the intelligence services are in charge of hunting down war criminals turned dissidents and to do so, they recruit one of the brothers, now a mature and sceptic man. Together they travel to a deserted neighborhood in southern Santa Cruz in order to carry out an act of revenge that throws us back to that "no man's land" where this novel begins. With a dry, lyrical prose, En el cuerpo una voz captures, both in its realism and its delirium, the normalization of extreme violence. 

RIGHTS: spanish (mexico)  ALMADÍA | spanish (argentina, chile, uruguay, spain) ETERNA CADENCIA | spanish (bolivia) EL CUERVO | audio STORYTEL

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