Gay Gigante
Gabriel Ebensperger

NON FICTION | 2016 | 284 pages

A young boy who feels out of place in an adverse world. A boy who sings Yuri with his friends, pretending to be at the Viña del Mar Festival; a boy who likes barbies and Rafaella Carrà and whose secretly favorite car is one that says Tutti Frutti. A child who in the process of discovering his inadequacy with this world, feeling some guilt and, above all, much fear that his "difference" will be discovered.
The fun and rosy pages of Gay Gigante showcase what it was like to grow up gay in the nineties, creating a character that is as endearing as it is full of humor. It's the story of a boy who, on his way to becoming an adult realizes that the rejection of the world is never over, and that true acceptance only comes from oneself.

RIGHTS: spanish (chile) CATALONIA | spanish (mexico) TUSQUETS 

This is literature with a capital L... A difficult, sad, solitary, cloudy but delicately hopeful book —a work of complex and mysterious sensibility, written by someone who is blessed with being different but who doesn’t forget and still feels like a stranger.
— Alberto Fuguet, Qué Pasa magazine

El libro de la tristeza
Gay Gigante