Imposible salir de la Tierra
Alejandra Costamagna

STORIES | 2016 | 110 pages

A woman who has to decide whether or not she should get an operation that gives her a 50/50 chance of surviving to a fatal illness. A man who leaves everything behind to follow a woman he has fallen in love with sees his world crumble when her uncle enters the picture. And another woman follows the man who has abandoned her all the way to Japan where yet a bigger tragedy awaits.

With the precise and delicate prose that has made her one of Chile’s most original voices, Alejandra Costamagna creates a world that will bring the reader closer to the strange and transient nature of life.

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Alejandra Costamagna’s stories never cease to surprise: an acute sentence, a beautiful and precious detail, a scene that leaves that leaves you breathless. This brilliant collection is proof, yet again, of the singularity of her voice and her enviable talent.
— Daniel Alacrón, author of At Night We Walk in Circles
Alejandra Costamagna writes with precise and lethal finesse on excesses. In these stories of obsession, pleasure, violence and illness, words are like scalpels that dissect trembling, furious bodies, sometimes overwhelmed by their own desire.
— Mariana Enríquez author of Things We Lost in the Fire
Possibly the best book by Alejandra Costamagna to date and one of the most extraordinary short story collections by an author of her generation.
— Patricio Pron El Boomeran(g)


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