Los accidentes
Camila Fabbri

SHORT STORIES | 2015 | 168 pages

In these stories, written in a language that is only seemingly harmless, the prevailing feeling is that something unlucky is about to happen, that everything can change from one moment to another.

The protagonists of Los accidentes are mostly young: lovers who hurt each other in a shared ritual, of sorts, boys who play with guns during a family celebration, a teenager who makes bombs, a couple that adopts a creature that gets stuck between the wheels of the car. In that inhospitable world, love and happiness are fleeting, unstable reflections, and the future—adulthood—offers no guarantees of protection.

Los accidentes is a disturbing book, which explores, with an odd mix of delicacy and ferocity, the dark side of everyday life. Camila Fabbri reveals herself as one of the most interesting new authors of recent Argentine literature.




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