Santiago Auserón

Santiago Auserón (Zaragoza, 1954) is a musician and writer. He obtained a degree in Philosophy and Literature from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 1977 and studied at the Université de Vincennes-Paris VIII, under the direction of Gilles Deleuze. He was one of the founders of the band Radio Futura, with which he developed, for over a decade, his career as singer and composer, producing six albums and obtaining the recognition in Spain and Latin America as the best Spanish rock band. Between 1984 and 1995 he researched the origins of Cuban son and produced various historic anthologies, among them the collection Semilla del son and the Anthology of Francisco Repilado “Compay Segundo”. In 1994 he started the project Juan Perro, and since then, he combines the Afro-American, Afro- Caribbean and Iberian musical traditions and has recorded seven albums with original songs. Under his artistic name Juan Perro, he has edited anthologies of his repertoire with the Original Jazz Orchestra of Taller de Músics of Barcelona, directed by Enric Palomar, and the Symphonic Orchestra of the Murcia Region, directed by Ricardo Casero, with arrangements by Amparo Edo Biol.

Auserón has published numerous articles on music, philosophy and literature and the books La imagen sonora (Episteme, 1998), Canciones de Radio Futura (Pre-Textos, 1999), Canciones de Juan Perro (Salto de Página, 2012), El ritmo perdido (Península, 2012, 2015), about the black influence in Spanish music, and Semilla del Son, de cómo la música popular cubana germinó en suelo español (La Huella Sonora, 2017). He has been awarded the Max Prize of the Scenic Arts in 2001 and the Nacional Prize for Contemporary Musics by the Spanish Ministry of Culture in 2011. In 2015 he obtained a PhD Degree in Philosophy with a thesis about the role of music in Ancient Greek thinking, whose adaptation will soon be published as a book. 



Semilla del son NON-FICTION, 2017 El ritmo perdido NON-FICTION, 2012, 2015 Canciones de Juan Perro SONGS, 2012 Canciones de Radio Futura SONGS, 1999 La imagen sonora ESSAY, 1998