Juan Cárdenas

NOVEL | 2010 | 134 pages

Fascination and unsettlement. After receiving the news that his sister is dead, a man embarks on the escape that takes him from the center of a congested Latin American city to its slums—a journey that turns into a drift. He lives, together with the companions who join him along the journey, in the stunned present of the survivors of a catastrophe, who can only contemplate the strategy of their own escape: to continue, to move forward, to carry on… The politics of the contemporary man.


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Juan Cárdenas’s narrative finds its own space away from the fiction of violence, drug trafficking, murders or the historical nostalgia which has received the greatest prestige within contemporary Colombian literature. His is a fresh powerful, suburban, ultracontemporary, cinematic writing—at times spectral, at times corporeal. (…) Zumbido reveals a splendid new wrinkle in Spanish language writing coming from the margins.
— Sergio González Rodríguez, Reforma



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