Felipe Restrepo Pombo

Felipe Restrepo Pombo is a Colombian journalist, editor and author. In 2017 he was included in the Bogotá39 list of the best Latin American writers under 40 organized by the Hay Festival every decade. He studied Literature and started his career as a journalist at the news magazine Cambio, under the direction of Gabriel García Márquez. He is the author of the novel Formas de evasión (Seix Barral, 2016); the biography Francis Bacon: Retrato de una pesadilla (Panamericana, 2008); and two collections of journalistic profiles: 16 retratos excéntricos (Planeta, 2014) and Nunca es fácil ser una celebridad (Planeta 2013). His books have been published in Colombia, Mexico, Chile and Uruguay. In 2013 he was a guest editor for the prestigious Paris Match magazine in Paris and he has been the magazine's correspondent ever since. He is the editor behind the books: The sorrows of Mexico (MacLehose, 2016) and Crónica: the best narrative journalism in Latin America (UNAM, 2016). He was a fellow at the Fundación Prensa y Democracia at Iberoamerican University and he attended workshops at the Fundación Nuevo Periodismo with Tomás Eloy Martínez, Carlos Monsiváis and Martín Caparrós. He was the Latin American editor of Esquire, the cultural editor at the news weekly Semana, the director of Arcadia, a columnist at El Espectador and Gente magazine, and he has contributed to several international publications: El País, GQ, Travesías, El Universal, SoHo, Qué Pasa, La Nación and La Tercera, among others. He teaches narrative journalism at several universities throughout the continent and he is currently the editor-in-chief of the acclaimed Gatopardo magazine in Mexico City.

Felipe Restrepo Pombo is a rare talent amongst modern writers, capable of turning his hand to narrative non-fiction and fiction - as well as being an editor of the first order - and his chosen themes are as fascinating as they are timely.
— Jon Lee Anderson
Felipe Restrepo Pombo is a professional voyeur; a writer with his feet well planted in reality. Nothing escapes him. He observes, re-observes, takes note and then he tells us the whole story. I like how he gets down and dirty with the things and people he writes about; to such a degree that once you’ve finished reading one of his pieces you feel like you’ve emerged from a battlefield. His pieces have that marvelous quality that has been lost from modern journalism: the look exactly like reality.
— Jorge Ramos
He converses, he looks, and then he thinks, he reads, he subtracts, he adds, he remembers, he cuts, he sheds light, he concludes and, with prose that is as clear as a cloudless sky, as assured as a mountain climber’s boot.
— Leila Guerriero
Restrepo Pombo upholds a type of journalism that demands excavation (...) The author searched for the truth behind the mask. His work is a huge breath of fresh air.
— Books (France)
Colombian journalist, author and editor Felipe Restrepo Pombo always manages to discover something new in the subjects he profiles. That is what’s most surprising about his pieces; with an acute and intelligent perspective—and transparent prose—he manages to transform these famous celebrities into regular people filled with doubts who live at a frenetic pace that is hard to understand.
— Que Pasa Magazine
Restrepo Pombo is one of the biggest players in Mexico City media.
— Forbes
Felipe has a sharp and insightful mind. As a journalist, he has earned the respect of readers and colleagues alike with his crónicas and profiles, must-reads for anyone who wants to understand the people shaping the culture and politics of Latin America. Under his leadership, Gatopardo magazine has become more and more relevant, thanks to his instincts and careful reading of the stories pulsating around us.
— Elías López, director New York Times en español
Photo: Ana Hop

Photo: Ana Hop


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