Mauro Libertella

Mauro Libertella (Mexico City, 1983) is an Argentinian author. He grew up and lives in Buenos Aires, where he studied Literature. As a cultural journalist he regularly writes for Clarín (Argentina), Letras Libres (México) and Qué Pasa (Chile).

He has published the novels Mi libro enterrado (My Buried Book), in which he explores his relationship with his father, El invierno con mi generación (Winter With My Generation), the story of a group of friends in Buenos Aires at the end of the 20th century and Un reino demasiado breve (Too Brief a Reign), a novel that traces the biological path of three relationships throughout a journey into the heart of our deepest emotions. He has also published El estilo de los otros (Other People's Style), which contains 18 conversations with contemporary Latin American writers.

In December 2016 he was selected as one of the twenty best Latin American authors of the 80s by the Guadalajara Book Fair in Mexico and in May 2017 he made the Hay Festival's Bogota39 list, which includes the 39 Best Latin American authors under 39.

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Un hombre entre paréntesis NON FICTION, 2019

Un reino demasiado breve NOVEL, 2017

El invierno con mi generación NOVEL, 2015

El estilo de otros NON FICTION, 2015

Mi libro enterrado NOVEL, 2013